Joanna Berkebile - Chanteuse

What happens when an east coast gal trains for most of her early years as an opera singer? Sure enough, she moves to Kansas City and, through a circuitous series of events, falls in love with the local specialty, jazz!

Since arriving on the jazz scene, Joanna Berkebile has always sought out the fresh and the genuine. Plenty of sassy and always classy, her musical conversations unfailingly draw you in
with a natural charm that will have you chuckling one minute and wiping away a tear the next. She effortlessly frolics on the solid platform on her classical training with not an ounce of ostentatiousness. You can't help but envision a playful smirk in her turns of phrase and a sultry sway in her resonant runs.

Whatever you’re expecting from a new chanteuse on the
scene, this ain’t it, but you might just find yourself delighted!

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